After-Sales & Customer Service

Capitalizing on over 60 years of collective experience on Retech equipment, the Retech Service Organization’s mission is to optimize the productivity of our furnaces by providing valuable services and after-sales support. Additionally, the Service Organization is responsible for providing assistance and strategies to the customer for equipment installation, field service, long term maintenance and spare part deliveries. Our goal is simple: keep the furnaces running and the customer satisfied!

Equipment Service:
Scheduled maintenance is a very important part of ensuring the performance of any Retech system. The Retech Service Organization is able to provide scheduled maintenance plans tailored to the specific needs of any customer’s equipment. Typically, these plans include the following:

  • System calibration
  • Vacuum leak checking
  • Sub-assembly overhauls
  • Overall furnace health checks

Additionally, in the event of a warranty claim, our Service Organization guides our customers through the process of addressing the issue and getting it resolved.

In the unlikely event that emergency maintenance is required, the Retech Service Organization is on call and typically able to address customer needs within 24 hours. For those times when it makes sense to repair instead of replace, Retech personnel can be on site promptly and ready to address customer need.

Whether a customer is looking for scheduled maintenance, a warranty repair or has an emergency that requires immediate service and support, the Retech Service Organization is uniquely able to address all those needs and more.

The ability to provide access to the parts needed to keep the equipment in operation is fundamental to our customer’s success. The Retech Service Organization is the single-source for provision of not just the Retech manufactured parts, but also many vendor components. Furthermore, Retech is able to work with customers to address their specific inventory needs, including stocking commonly used items for fast response to our customer’s needs.

Furnace Upgrades & Retrofit:
Getting more from any installed system is always on the minds of any production company. Upgrades or retrofits can be a straight forward way to accomplish this without incurring the cost of purchasing a new furnace. Conventionally, increasing melt or vacuum capacity as well as control and electric upgrades can increase the performance of an existing installation. Adding newly-developed system features can further enhance a system’s yield, cycle, and uptime.

Unique to Retech is the capability and experience to upgrade and retrofit a variety of used melting systems and the related melting technologies, including those originally provided by other OEM’s.

Direct Contact Information:
Getting If you are looking for immediate support or need the Retech team to troubleshoot your system remotely using TeamViewer, don’t hesitate to contact the Retech Service Organization at +1 (707) 467-1766 or via our Contact Page.

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