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Here are a collection of articles related to plasma arc, electron beam, silicon, titanium, and similar aspects of the Retech precision melt furnace industry.

All About Titanium – An Article from Berkley Point

New Way Air Bearing – Application & Design Guide

The Atlas Specialty Metals Technical Handbook of Stainless Steels

Boron and Phosphorus Diffusion in SiO2 and SiOxNy– Daniel M. Dobkin of Enigmatic Consulting

Chemistry of Titanium

Deming’s 14 Points – University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing

Electron-Beam Systems for Realization of Plasma Technologies – Joint Accelerator Conference Website (JACoW)

Emerging Titanium Cost Reduction Technologies

Introduction to Magnetochemistry – David Young

Max Schlienger 2012 ITA Titanium Achievement Award

Melting and Pouring of the Reactive Metals

Micro Cracks in Solar Cell Interconnection During Manual Soldering

Modelling of Macrosegregation: Applications and Future Needs – C. Beckermann

International Energy Agency: Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA-PVPS)

Production of Creep-Resistant Steels for Turbines: Part One

Production of Creep-Resistant Steels for Turbines: Part Two

Safety-Related Problems in the Titanium Industry in the Last 50 Years

Synthesis and Purification of Bulk Semiconductors

Titanium Facts – International Titanium Association

Titanium – How Products are Made

Titanium Manufacturing Process – Osaka Titanium

Titanium: Minerals Study Joseph Gambogi of the USGS

Titanium Production – Supra Alloys

Titanium: World Production Of Mineral Concentrates, By Country

Transport Phenomena and Microstructural Development During Materials Processing – Matthew John M. Krane

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