Retech Systems LLC exhibit in Paris at Titanium Europe 2016 & the 14th World Conference in Investment Castings

Retech Systems LLC, in conjunction with SECO/WARWICK Europe, will display their fully integrated line of premium vacuum metallurgical equipment concurrently at two upcoming conferences, Titanium Europe 2016 and the 14th World Conference in Investment Casting, in Paris France during the week of April 17 through the 20th.

“Retech Systems is the global leader in vacuum metallurgical systems both in their diverse product portfolio and number of installations, particularly in the United States” according to Wojciech Modrzyk, SECO/WARWICK Group Executive VP, “we are pleased to have our technical sales team in Paris for these two important events to answer questions and display our advanced technology.”


Visit the Retech Systems stands at each of these important events:

14th World Conference in Investment Castings (EICF), 17-20 April, #Z1, Stand 9, Palais des Congres
Retech Systems will display their technology, material and process development capabilities in vacuum metallurgical processing systems.  Members of the technology team will be available to answer questions on these leading technologies:

  • Vacuum Induction (VIM) & Cold Wall Induction (CWI) Casting Systems easily handle a wide range of materials used in everything from automotive & consumer products to critical, high-value equiax, directionally solidified, or single-crystal, aerospace parts.
  • VAR Consumable Casting Systems for the manufacture of aerospace, consumer and commercial products.
  • Atomization Systems for Reactive & Refractory Metal Powder Production


Titanium Europe 2016, 18-20 April, Stand 24, Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference Center
The Retech Systems experts will be exhibiting their signature process technologies for melting, refining, casting and atomization of Titanium & Titanium alloys including:

  • Cold Wall Induction (CWI) Melting Systems for casting Titanium parts for demanding applications.
  • Atomization Systems for Titanium & Titanium Alloy powder production.
  • Vacuum Arc Remelt (VAR) Systems for casting & ingot production.
  • Plasma (PAM) & Electron Beam (EB) Hearth Melting Systems are capable of producing a wide range of products in varying sizes


About Retech Systems LLC

Since 1963, Retech has been the world’s leading provider of vacuum melting systems for demanding industries in ever-changing markets. Our advanced technologies have been applied to melting, refining, casting and atomizing reactive and refractory metals, such as Titanium & its alloys, super alloys and rare earth metals. Each custom system produces products with the unique specifications required by the application.

In 2011 Retech became a part of the SECO/Warwick group of companies which has an expanded the global presence through added sales and service centers around the world.

Effectively, Retech is the most fully integrated furnace manufacturer in the world, providing customer access to our wide range of in-house resources, including technology, material and process development.

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