Retech Systems LLC Announces Acquisition of Equipment & Process Patents from Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation

August 24, 2015

Retech Systems today announced the acquisition of a series of patent families from Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic. The patent portfolio forms a comprehensive package of technologies & processes pertaining to the design of hearth melting systems. Specifically, this portfolio of intellectual properties provides greater flexibility in the configuration, production & operation of hearth melting furnace systems aimed at a range of materials & applications, resulting in higher productivity.

This portfolio of patents allows us greater flexibility in addressing a broad range of customer needs” comments Nathaniel Slinkert, Director of Sales for Retech. “The acquisition represents a significant step forward in Retech’s objective to provide truly unique hearth melting solutions that enable increased productivity, while maintaining industry-driven product qualification standards.”

Retech intends to build upon the exclusive rights granted by this portfolio, originally filed by Scott Jackson, formerly of Lectrotherm Inc, & Dave Warren, formerly of both Lectrotherm & Retech, with its own expertise in hearth melting technology so as to provide the most up-to-date exclusive and patented solutions to the industry.

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Retech, a subsidiary of SECO/Warwick, is the most fully integrated, custom furnace manufacturer in the world providing processes & technologies used in melting, refining & casting reactive as well as refractory metals, such as Titanium & Titanium alloys, super alloys & rare earth metals. Retech delivers world class experience & service, with complete R&D, engineering & manufacturing.

Nathaniel Slinkert, Director of Sales
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