Plasma Arc Melting (PAM)

A Retech PAM Cold Hearth furnace uses an electrically excited gas, typically Helium or Argon, to melt reactive and refractory metals in a sealed chamber, under inert atmosphere. The Cold Hearth is a water-cooled, copper vessel is devoid of contaminating elements like Oxygen and yields clean, as-cast metal by removing high and low density inclusions during the cold hearth refining process. Plasma furnaces can be designed for a wide range of sizes, from a few pounds to many tons, as well as production of everything from ingots and powder to castings. Our plasma arc melting furnaces can be configured with one or multiple torches, any number of feed systems as well as casting and withdrawal chambers to meet the needs of our customers. We actively work with those customers to develop the necessary equipment and process solutions, including upstream and downstream components, as well as alloy and application development.

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