Electron Beam Hearth Melting

January 10, 2014
  • Materials:
    Reactive Metals, Refractory Metals, Super Alloys, Silicon
  • Applications:
    Alloy Production, Ingot Casting, Remelt Electrode Production
  • Product Literature:

Retech Electron Beam (EB) Hearth Melting systems are outfitted with electron beam guns from the worldwide leader in Electron Beam technology, Von Ardenne. In addition, a Retech Electron Beam furnace eliminates the need for electrode welding and primary Vacuum Arc Remelting while yielding clean, as-cast metal by means of high and low density inclusion removal during the refining process. Our EB furnaces can be designed for a wide range of capacities, from a few pounds to several tons, as well as being configured with single or multiple torches, feed systems and withdrawal chambers to match our customer production requirements. Utilizing state-of-the-art Electron Beam melting technology is a proven and viable option for processing a wide range of reactive and refractory metals.

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