Rototrode® Non-Consumable Casting

April 13, 2015
  • Materials:
    Reactive Metals, Refractory Metals, Amorphous Metals, Super Alloys, Silicon
  • Applications:
    Alloy Production, Ingot Casting
  • Product Literature:

Developed and patented at Retech Systems LLC, the Rototrode® non-consumable melting system used in melting and recycling reactive and refractory metals for aerospace and commercial applications. A Retech Rototrode® utilizes a rotating, water-cooled copper, non-consumable electrode technology that allows direct feeding of a wide variety of raw materials for production of everything from ingots and powder to near-net-shape castings. Our unique system enhances complete alloying and melting of materials by producing and holding hotter pool temperatures for precision controlled periods of time allowing most forms of scrap to be readily upgraded to ingot quality, increasing the customer’s bottom line. We actively work with those customers to develop the necessary equipment and process solutions, including upstream and downstream components, as well as alloy and application development.

Like all of Retech’s thermal processing equipment, the capability of the Rototrode® for producing new products, in new or existing markets, is limited only by the imagination of forward thinking companies that demand unique process solution to compete and prosper.

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