Titanium Gas Atomizer (TiGA)

January 5, 2016
  • Materials:
    Titanium & Titanium Alloys
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As the leader in Titanium Gas Atomization  systems to the aerospace industry, Retech is well acquainted with the demands of high performance materials. Consequently, Cold-Wall Induction (CWI) melting systems can also be combined with inert gas atomization die for powder production of Titanium & Titanium Alloys. As with all our equipment, we work with our customer to ensure the equipment we provide meets their requirements.

Power Input (kVA): 900
Power Output (kW): 750
Feed Stock: 200 mm dia. x 50 kg Ingot
Alloying Capability: Yes
L x W x H (meters): 9.14 x 9.14 x 8.53
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