VIM Precision Investment Casting

January 11, 2014
  • Materials:
    Reactive Metals, Refractory Metals, Amorphous Metals, Super Alloys, Shape Memory Alloys, Silicon
  • Applications:
    Alloy Production, Ingot Casting, Atomization, Precision Casting
  • Product Literature:

Whether making turbine blades, medical implants, golf club heads or pump bodies, Retech Precision Investment Casting furnaces are ideally suited and uniquely configurable to suit the uncompromising requirements of production. Our furnaces are able to handle a wide range of materials and produce everything from the simplest equiax (EQ) patterns to directionally solidified (DS) and single-crystal (SC) parts, while providing consistent, high-yields and low operating costs. This is why Retech has time and again maintained the position as the world’s leading supplier of VIM Precision Investment Casting furnaces.

Pioneering countless casting applications, including the first single-crystal turbine blades, over the last 40+ years, our customers are provided access to unique capabilities that exist nowhere else in our industry.

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