Research & Development

Innovation is imperative to success in the metals industry, and Retech Research & Development capabilities allow customers to explore ideas and objectives with our experienced R&D staff, including pilot production, material development, process technology, and toll melting services can all be performed at our facility.

Process Proof & Advancement:
The Retech Research & Development team is experienced and dedicated to working with our customers in providing process development and advancement required by market growth. Proof of Process goes hand-in-hand with our system development; thereby ensuring customer equipment delivers the capability, capacity and consistency required by their specific business model.

Alloy Development:
Retech frequently works with companies in the creation of new materials & processes. In many instances, these companies do not have a reason or means to buy a melting system but still need innovation in their business model and their products. Utilizing our cadre of IR&D systems along with new, state-of-the-art controls, Retech can help resolve such challenges for individuals, small businesses, corporations or universities.

New Materials, include titanium, zirconium, cobalt, nickel-based & super-alloys as well as chromium and silicon based materials, with other alloys requiring special and/or precise melting practices. Retech can either help you develop the process or produce the finished material for you as a trusted part of your supply chain utilizing our in-house equipment. Retech does not compete with our customers; rather our goal is to solve unique niche problems for unique companies.

If you have a special problem that cannot be solved with standard materials, but you wish to pursue excellence and new material development Retech can help you examine possibilities within a range of expertise and help in the quest to produce finished products with better performance.

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