The Company

Retech Systems LLC is more than just the world’s leading provider of Cold Hearth Melting Systems; our mission is to be the premier supplier of equipment for the advanced thermal processing of material in controlled atmospheres.

Since 1963, Retech has been a global leader in the supply of metallurgical processing equipment for demanding industries in ever-changing markets. Our advanced processes and technologies have been applied to melting, refining and casting reactive and refractory metals, such as Titanium & Titanium alloys, super alloys and rare earth metals. Retech has been a pioneer in the application of Electron Beam Cold Hearth Melting, Plasma Cold Hearth Melting, and Cold Wall Induction. Retech also developed the Rototrode® (non-consumable arc) and Plasma Arc Centrifugal Treatment (PACT™) technologies. Each custom engineered system produces products with the unique metallurgical and geometric properties that are required by the application.

In 2011 Retech became a part of the SECO/Warwick group of companies. As a wholly owned subsidiary of SECO, Retech has an expanded global presence through added sales and service centers around the world. Such a widespread presence benefits our customers through enhanced proximity.

Identifying the needs of our customers, as well as understanding the importance of producing relevant, cost-effective technologies, is the foundation upon which Retech is built. Being a leading innovator means Retech has contributed important system advancements in many areas of process and technology development, including precision pouring, plasma arc melting, consumable casting and metal powder production. With over half of our products built to service the international markets, Retech understands the need for vacuum metallurgical equipment and processes that are both proven and state-of-the-art.

Effectively, Retech is also the most fully integrated furnace manufacturer in the world, providing customer access to our wide range of in-house resources, including technology, material and process development. All in an effort to achieve the individual requirements of each project, our team of specialists works with each customer to tailor relevant, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

Experience and service, coupled with a complete research, development, engineering and manufacturing, are the key elements to our success and that of our customers.

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