Toll Melting

Whether you are already at capacity on your equipment, don’t want to contaminate your current system, or have a demand that isn’t large enough to justify a new installation, Retech can help through our expertise and equipment combined with our commitment to quality. Retech has installed a range of vacuum melting systems specifically for materials requiring special and/or precise melting practices like titanium, zirconium, cobalt, nickel-based & super-alloys as well as chromium and silicon based materials, with other alloys.

Ingot Casting:
Whether our customer needs single ingots, short runs for prototyping, small production orders, or larger programs, the Retech Research & Development team and available in-house equipment can satisfy those customer requirements for a range of common and specialty metals or alloys. Retech can enhance your company’s capacity by supplementing your production.

Metal Powder Atomization:
In 2017, Retech will be installing a metal atomization system which will allow limited production of refractory and reactive alloy powder production.

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