Retech Secures Order for Advanced Electron Beam (EB) Hearth Melter for North American Destination

May 10,2023

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They were pleased with both the positive working relationship established during installation and with the subsequent operation of their recently commissioned furnace. As is the case with many companies engaged in cutting-edge metallurgy development, Retech is not at liberty to discuss specific contract details. This is a good problem to have. What they can say, however, is that no customer wants surprise delays and avoidable risks.

We are the only supplier of vacuum melting equipment that can produce and assemble this equipment entirely in North America. Our integrated R&D, manufacturing and assembly facility here in Buffalo allows us to do that. Given the current global supply chain disruptions and associated risk, that's a big advantage.” - Earl Good, Retech Managing Director.

Retech Is Never a Gamble

For companies ordering new solutions for their North American locations, sourcing from a technology leader with 60 years of experience, one that stocks or sources parts from within the continent, sidesteps several of those supply chain risk factors. It also provides a huge advantage for aftermarket parts and service. Many of our partners consider us the first-choice supplier of vacuum metallurgical solutions. This particular heat-treat partner was no exception. They had initiated steps to purchase their 5 Gun EB Hearth Melter elsewhere, but after their experience working with Retech on the earlier order, awarded Retech the contract for their new EB Hearth Melter as well.

That decision was also due, in part, to Retech’s exclusive use of electron beam guns from Von Ardenne, the unsurpassed industry pioneers of electron beam technology. The combination of Retech’s EB hearth furnace experience and performance, and Von Ardenne’s market leading technology make Retech’s EB furnace hard to beat.

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