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Retech is a World Leader in the design and manufacture of E-Beam, Plasma Arc, PACT, PAM, VIM, VAR, Consumable Electrode, and Rototrode™ Furnaces, as well as Powder Production and Other Thermal Processing Equipment.

Retech Double Vim Furnace

Founded in 1963, Retech is the world's premier manufacturer of advanced thermal processing equipment which can be designed to operate under vacuum or positive pressure conditions. This highly specialized technology creates materials that have superior purity, mechanical and chemical properties. Retech currently holds the majority market share in Plasma and E-Beam technology and is an ISO 9001 Certified Company.

With approximately 135,000 square feet of engineering, manufacturing, R&D and assembly/test Retech leads in manufacturing capability. Our design flexibility allows us to create custom equipment for any processes which require close control of alloy proportions and melting parameters. This also allows us the ability to cast precision parts with optimum crystallographic properties when needed.

Retech currently has hundreds of thermal processing systems in over 16 countries throughout the world. We hold a distinct advantage over our competition in that we have the value-added option to completely assemble custom equipment at our plant and test before shipping. This is just one aspect that saves the customer time and money. Quality and customer satisfaction are paramount to Retech.

Whether you need thermal processing equipment or systems, high quality specialty alloy or super-alloy, MMC composites, Ingot casting, metal powder technology, small part casting, silicon feedstock materials for solar applications, hazardous waste treatment, any other thermally processed material or a new R&D project, we invite you to contact us today and discuss your special requirements with one of our Retech specialists.

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